Phone App

Easy start for the SAGE Smart Frame

 OurPhoto app Set up and Registration

  1. Download the ‘Ourphoto’ App (in APP store or Google Play)
  2. If using an Android phone, you need to allow permission to use the APP in storage settings
  3. Click on SIGN IN - Enter username, password, and email.

 Frame Setup

Insert mounting stand at the back of frame. (landscaper or portrait options)

  1. Power up the Frame. Plug in power cord into bottom hole on smart frame 
  2. In settings, tap Wifi and connect to your network
  3. In Settings-Device info: note down the Frame ID number eg (17BU6SK)

 How to Add and activate YOUR OWN frame.

  1. Tap Devices in the interface of OurPhoto App
  2. Tap My Devices ⨁ icon -Top right side. Give your device a simple name that you will easily remember. You may need to add a couple of numbers because most common names are taken (This will make it easier for other people setting up your frame on their phone)
  3. Enter the frame ID no (UPPER CASE where stated) eg (17BU6SK)
  4. Tap activate and ’bind’ to the frame. ‘Bind success’ message will appear

 Accept user to your frame

  1. In your frame go to SETTINGS.
  2. Then in settings go to go to USER MANAGEMENT
  3. Accept new user to your frame. (You will need to do this if anyone else sets up this frame on their phone app).

 Uploading photos & video to the frame

  1. Tap media on front page of app. Check photo or video. This will take you to your phone’s photo album
  2. Tap the photo you want to upload and click full imagine at bottom left of screen, Tap DONE
  3. Photo will appear on the send photo page. Make sure the frame you want your photo to go to is ticked under Connected Devices
  4. At this stage you can also add up to 8 more photos from this page
  5. If you have more than one frame bound to your app you must choose which frame or frames you want to send the photo to.
  6. Once photos have been selected, click on arrow top right hand of screen. Photos will start downloading.  Once finished Sent Success message will appear.  The photo will take a few seconds to get to the frame

If you give your frame as a gift and want to upload photos to it, you must have that frame owner ID number and name bound to your own OurPhoto App. This frame will need the device name and frame ID

 How to Add and activate another frame.

  1. Tap Bound Devises in the interface of OurPhoto App
  2. Add the Frame name and ID of the new frame
  3. Submit ‘Bind’ to the frame
  4. The new frame must accept you as a user

When uploading photos, you will then need to choose which frame or frames the photo will go to. 

Further instructions for many other frame options are in the guide booklet.  EG:  setting screen for auto on /off

 We hope you enjoy your frame, the gift that keeps giving.