About Us


I was thinking about some friends I hadn't seen for a while.  I searched through the ridiculous number of photos on my phone, to find them.  After 20,000+ photos and 1500+ videos and not finding the photos I was looking for, I did find many other photos I loved.  I asked my wife how many photos she had on her phone.  She replied, ‘Oh 12,000’.  We both laughed.  I said let’s buy some frames and print some of these photos. 30 frames later we created a gallery of photos of family and friends.  With walls full, more photos to print and frame, the, exercise had become expensive.  We had older frames updated with newer photos as well.  There must be a better way. 

So, who takes photos, who likes photos, who stores photos and who has a mountain of photos on their phone, in the Cloud so you never see them, but still pay for them to be stored.  The answer was a resounding everyone.

Talking with Juls I mentioned about all the photos and frames we had bought.  Juls and I realised there was a new need in everyone’s lives.  Yes, a need, not a want. 

SAGE living was born... to for fill a need in everyone's life.

SAGE fact: Photos aren’t important but they're right up there with oxygen.


Like most people my photographs keep the memories of my life alive. I have a storage boxes full of albums and later more albums stuffed full of my babies, their milestones, birthdays and holidays.  There they lay in storage rarely seeing the light of day as the years roll on.  

Smart phones brought a whole new meaning to stored photos. I could take one or 20, I could instantly edit, brighten, lighten or crunch the blacks. And occasionally I might make my way to the print shop for a hard copy to frame. But mostly accumulating in my phone. 

Years ago I invested in a digital frame and it was great. I scanned in and loaded hundreds of photos onto the SD card and back to the frame,  and we were all happy to see our memories rotate on the screen in the lounge. 

Keeping the card up-to-date with new pictures was my job.... Often I would go months between uploads.

When Duane and I found these Smart Photo Frames we had a lightbulb moment.  Because of the ease and instantaneous upload of photos to a Sage Smart frame or multiple frames means we can connect and share photos with friends and families wherever they are in the world.  We love this product and so will you.  We have a living photo album in our homes. 

 The GIFT that keeps GIVING.